Saturday 01 October 2022

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Tuesday 30 August 2022 - Drought – Water Restrictions "crisis level"

New water restrictions applicable to the commune of Lupiac came into force at 08:00 (8am) on Saturday 27 August 2022. They apply until 31 October 2022 inclusive, unless otherwise modified, in all areas of the Gers where rivers are recharged with water from the Neste system.


The following is a summary of what you need to know as an individual householder in using water from the town water supply. Specific and significant restrictions also apply to agricultural, commercial and industrial uses of water on which further information is available (in French) at the address at the foot of this item and by consulting the relevant Arrêté Préfectoral (Arrêté Préfectoral 32-2022-08-26-00002 portant limitation des prélèvements d'eau sur l'ensemble des axes réalimentés du système Neste). The list of all communes concerned can be found in the Arrêté.


Washing vehicles is prohibited other than in a professional facility equipped with water saving measures. Exceptions also exist for vehicles subject to a legal requirement (eg vehicles used for health purposes or to transport food) or technical imperatives (cement truck…) and for public security bodies.

Outdoor cleaning

The use of water to clean terraces, roofs or external walls is prohibited other than in the course of building work.


Washing is forbidden other than for public health reasons or in the course of road works. Automatic road scrubber/sweepers are also exempt.

Swimming Pools

Annual filling of home and hotel swimming pools is prohibited. Draining of public swimming pools must be specially authorised. Topping up of home swimming pools including above ground pools, spas and similar is also prohibited regardless of the volume of water involved.

Ornamental Gardens (lawns, public and private parks, flower gardens, sports grounds)

Watering prohibited.

Watering prohibited.

Watering permitted only between 20:00 and 08:00 (between 8pm and 8am).


Must be turned off, including those operating on a closed circuit.

Recreational Water Facilities

Filling and topping up of public or private bodies of water regardless of surface area is prohibited. Drainage of bodies of water into water courses is also prohibited.

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Saturday 30 July 2022 - French Minister for Culture in Lupiac

Ms Rima Abdul Malak, French Minister for Culture, discovers Lupiac and volunteers of the association organising the D'Artagnan festival


Wednesday 08 December 2021 - Lupiac - "Petite cité de caractère" on France 3 Midi-Pyrénées TV channel


During 3 hours on Monday 6 December 2021, a journalist and cameraman from France 3 Toulouse filmed in Lupiac, following the village's induction into the Petite cité de caractère® network.

Their report was broadcast on Wednesday 8 December 2021 on France 3 Midi-Pyrénées in their midday news bulletin, the "12/13 Midi-Pyrénées" (starts at 14 mins).

Tuesday 09 November 2021 - Lupiac and d'Artagnan on

A 14 minutes subject looking at d'Artagnan's legacy is available online on


The Tuesday 16 November 2021 episode of "Invitation au voyage" includes a 14 minutes subject looking at d'Artagnan's legacy. A subject for which Miri Paturel, Journalist-Director, and her cameraman filmed for 4 days, from 03 to 06 June 2021.

They caught on film:

  • The castle of Castelmore, d'Artagnan's birthplace in Lupiac, with Mr. jacques Lapart as a guide
  • Musketeers on horseback galloping in Lupiac in the footsteps of d'Artagnan, with the association "Randonneurs d'Aignan en Val d'Adour" (RAVA)
  • Training and rehearsals of the Lupiac Stage fencing troupe "Les lames lupiacoises", at the foot of Lupiac's equestrian statue of d'artagnan
  • The Company of the musketeers of armagnac at the Domain Tariquet in Eauze
  • Mrs. Odile Bordaz (historian - the d'Artagnan specialist), who made a special trip from Paris to Auch and Lupiac to tell about her favorite musketeer
  • The village of Lupiac, its equestrian statue, members of the local association "D'Artagnan chez d'Artagnan".

Lupiac and d'Artagnan in "Invitation au voyage". Broadcast live on ARTE TV Tuesday 16 November at 1740 (5.40 pm). Already available online on (in French only - starts at 18 mins 25 secs):


Monday 27 September 2021 - Lupiac inducted as "Petite cité de caractère" ("Small town of character").


Lupiac is the first place in the Gers to join the French Petites Cités de caractère network, for which the admission conditions are particularly demanding.

The network brings together some 200 small towns and villages committed to using their remarkable heritage as a tool for development.

The annual general meeting of the Occitanie chapter of the Petites Cités de Caractère was held on Saturday 25 September 2021 in Ambialet (Tarn). It was followed by induction into the network of three new members: Séverac d'Aveyron (Aveyron), Collioure (Pyrénées Orientales) and Lupiac (Gers).

Picture caption (from left to right): Nathalie Marty (first deputy mayor of Sévérac d'Aveyron), Jean-Pierre Gillery (deputy mayor of Collioure), Jean-Pierre Lefloch (president of the Occitanie chapter of the Petites Cités de Caractère network) and Véronique Thieux-Louit (mayor of Lupiac) sign the paperwok for entry into the network. Ambialet (Tarn), Saturday 25 September 2021.

For more information on the Petites cités de caractère® network:

Thursday 22 July 2021 - Attention : Summer 2021 - Swimming prohibited until further notice!


Due to staff shortage, swimming is prohibited at Lake Lacoste until further notice.

Any person holding the "Brevet National de Sécurité et de Sauvetage (BNSSA)" lifesaving certificate and interested in a job as a lifeguard in Lupiac for the summer of 2021 is invited to contact the Lupiac municipal offices (mairie).

Contact details :

Monday 05 July 2021 - Lupiac awarded the "Petite cité de caractère" label


Lupiac is proud to be the first village in the Gers to be labelled "Petite cité de caractère" and thus recognised for its historical past and the quality of its heritage.

Born in Brittany in the mid-1970s, the Petites Cités de Caractère® concept promotes rural communes of less than 6,000 inhabitants with a history and heritage of quality.

The Petites Cités de Caractère® quality charter, commits the communes to an active policy of safeguarding, maintaining and restoring their tangible and intangible heritage.

Lupiac offers a remarkable, enhanced and animated heritage for all to discover.

Sunday 06 June 2021 - Arte TV channel visits d'Artagnan's castle in Lupiac


The team of "Invitation au voyage" (Invitation to travel), one of the pillar programs of the cultural action of the French-German TV channel Arte, filmed in Lupiac at Castelmore castle, birthplace of d'Artagnan.

Sunday 04 April 2021 - D'Artagnan and Lupiac on Arte TV channel on 10 April

The True Story of D'Artagnan, Saturday 10 April at 20:50 (8.50 p.m.) on Arte TV channel


Discover the true story of Charles de Batz de Castelmore, known as d'Artagnan, who inspired Dumas' intrepid musketeer.

A film by Caroline Vermalle and Augustin Viatte, directed by Augustin Viatte.

Shot in part in Lupiac, with the participation of several Lupiac men and women.

A production by Arte France, Gedeon Programmes.

Thursday 10 January 2019 - Discover d'Artagnan's fireplace

The fireplace of Castelmore Castle, d'Artagnan's birthplace, on TV channel TF1


An appealing story made it to TF1's main news program on Thursday 10 January: the story of the fireplace at Castelmore Castle, the fireplace around which D'Artagnan warmed up and sat in his childhood.

With the participation of the members of the local d'Artagnan association of Lupiac (Association D'Artagnan chez d'Artagnan), and the horse riders of the RAVA association (Randonneurs d'Aignan en Val d'Adour) of nearby Aignan.